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Reach out to your customers with a click

Timely alert and notify your clients on pending, events, appointments, meeting etc. Send all your promotional and transactional messages using state of the art Bulk SMS platform. Excellent interface with easy navigation to provide the perfect user experience.

Any time, Any Where, Any means

Our Bulk SMS platform is carefully designed to work on all device. Send your messages on any device of your choice, anytime and at your convinience

Most affordable SMS credits

We provide you with competitive pricing for your business. We are the cheapest and best Bulk SMS company in Ghana. With us you feel no pressure, so you can communicate what really matters to your customers

Ease of Purchase

Purchase your SMS credit with Mobile Money (all Networks) or debit/credit card payment. Credit is immediately and automatically given upon completion of payment. Receive SMS alerts and Invoice (provided via email) on every transanction.

Desktop SMS Application

Download out our easy on the go Desktop Bulk SMS Application. Our Destop Application allows you to launch our SMS application from your desktop with just a click without the need for a browser.

Easy Integration into your Applications

Developers and Resellers are welcomed to integrate our Bulk SMS API into their applications. We provide both REST API (XML and Json supported ) and HTTP API so you can chose what is suitable for you applications We have excellent package for resellers. Contact us for further discussion. Download setup procedure


Supports all type of Bulk messaging

Our Bulk SMS platform allows you to send quick SMS where sms messages are delivered immediately or scheduled where messages and saved and delivered at any specific time of your choice or recurring messages where SMS messages are repeated sent at any given interval your choice, be it hourly, daily, monthly or yearly.

Personalized SMS

Personalized SMS is when Bulk SMS is composed and sent to numerous people but address each individual with his unique details(eg say his name). This feature is easily achieved on ICSMS Bulk SMS platform

Create Groups on our phone book

Our bulk sms platform comes with a phone book feature where you can create multiple groups and populate each group with contact details of members of the group. This feature allows you to send messages to members of the group with just the selection of the group name. You can scheduled birthday messages to all members of a group with just a click.

Message Report

know the statuses (whether delivered, failed or pending) of each message sent immediately our message report page. The time of message delivery is also provided. All Reports own platform can be exported to excel.

Follow below steps to send free Bulk SMS always

  1. Signup (get 10 free SMS on signup) account on ICSMS Bulk SMS platform
  2. Login to ICSMS Bulk SMS platform
  3. Navigate to USER PROFILE page and copy referral code
  4. Encourage individuals or companies to sign up using your referral code and receive ten(10) percent bonus SMS credits each time they purchase SMS
Now you can send free Bulk SMS always with ICSMS 😉

Pricing (Expiring Credit)

Price(GHS) SMS Credits Rate Expiry
10 417 0.024 GHS per SMS 6 Months
20 870 0.023 GHS per SMS 6 Months
50 2,272 0.022 GHS per SMS 6 Months
100 4,762 0.021 GHS per SMS 6 Months
200 10,000 0.020 GHS per SMS 6 Months
500 26,315 0.019 GHS per SMS 6 Months
1000 55,556 0.018 GHS per SMS 6 Months
2,000 or more 117,648 or more 0.017 GHS per SMS 6 Months

Pricing (Non expiring credit)

Price(GHS) SMS Credits Rate Expiry
10 345 0.029 GHS per sms NO EXPIRY
20 714 0.028 GHS per sms NO EXPIRY
50 1,851 0.027 GHS per sms NO EXPIRY
100 3,847 0.026 GHS per sms NO EXPIRY
200 8,000 0.025 GHS per sms NO EXPIRY
500 20,833 0.024 GHS per sms NO EXPIRY
1000 43,478 0.023 GHS per sms NO EXPIRY
2,000 or more 100,000 or more 0.021 GHS per sms NO EXPIRY
SMS sent to Nigerian will result in 60 SMS credit charge per each SMS sent. SenderID approval will be required prior to sending SMS to a Nigerian mobile number. Please contact us to apply for your SenderID approval for all Nigerian bound SMS.

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